Cabbage Ideas

What to Do With Cabbage

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You likely realize that cabbage can be used in a salad to give it added crunch, used as a base for a veggie wrap and shredded and put… Read More »

Camping Cooler

Healthy Camping Food Ideas

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Camping is one of our family’s favorite summertime activities. Getting out in nature, swimming, fishing (well, the rest of the family fishes), enjoying each others company and…of course…… Read More »

Quinoa Ideas

What to Do with Quinoa

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Just a few years ago, hardly anyone had even heard of Quinoa. Today, it’s considered practically a super food. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it… Read More »

Ideas for Black Beans

What to Do with Black Beans

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The great thing about black beans is that even die hard meat eaters can enjoy a good black bean taco. They have a great texture, wonderful taste, and… Read More »

Quinoa Polenta Appetizer

Organic Quinoa Polenta with Sauteed Vegetables

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Well, this was definitely a risky experiment. I was at my favorite Mediterranean / European grocery yesterday. They have all kinds of great sauces, seasonings, oils, olives and vinegars…. Read More »


Mushroom & Cheese Stuffed Shells

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I come from a long line of pasta lovers. It started back when my great aunt married an Italian man who loved to cook. They had a house… Read More »


Deep Fried Hand Pies with Fruit

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Being from Tennessee I grew up on good ol’ southern fried foods. Yes, the artery clogging kind that makes me cringe just thinking about today. While I try… Read More »


Blueberry Salsa with Cilantro

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Last year we had an abundance of fresh blueberries and my freezer was packed. By mid-winter my family was burned out on blueberry pancakes, muffins, sauces, pies and… Read More »

Cheese Biscuits

Perfect Cheesy Biscuits

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I am not a big bread eater but DO love biscuits! Hubby wants bread of some kind at every meal, so I am always on the lookout for… Read More »


Homemade Mac & Cheese: Perfect Comfort Food

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Ask most kids what they want to eat and they’ll say mac ‘n cheese. At least that was true when my kids were young. While there’s nothing wrong… Read More »


Powerhouse Salad with Avocado and Tomato

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Around my house, grocery shopping is worse than bathroom cleaning duty. Everyone likes to eat but nobody wants to shop. When we start seeing empty shelves in the… Read More »

Spinach and Feta Pizza

Spinach Feta Pizza on the Grill

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Pizza is one of my favorite foods. As a teen, I used to love thick crust, meaty pizzas but not anymore. I find that my stomach cannot handle… Read More »