Herb Garden

Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

In Garden On October 15, 2014 Comment

Cooking and juicing herbs is a great way to add wonderful flavor and healthful benefits to your diet. Growing herbs in your kitchen or on your patio is… Read More »


Lemon Berry Cake Recipe Review

In Baked Goods, Dessert On September 24, 2014 2 Comments

With the growing season winding down, I find myself with the usual abundance of fruit that we picked, washed and froze earlier in the season; mostly raspberries, blackberries… Read More »


Watermelon, Feta, Grape & Onion Salad

In All Recipes, Salad On September 24, 2014 Comment

Like the original author of this Watermelon, Feta, Arugula Salad, I love fruit and I love salad but other than adding an occasional apple or a grape to… Read More »

Pumpkin Ingredients

The Easiest (and Tastiest) Pumpkin Pie Ever

In All Recipes, Dessert On September 23, 2014 Comment

I hate messing around with pie crust. Try as I might, I never seem to get it quite right. And even when my family has a pie with… Read More »

Veggie Chili Dog

Vegetarian Chili Dog (A&W Inspired)

In All Recipes, Sandwiches On September 23, 2014 Comment

Over the weekend, I was working on some content for our customers at (we make pre-made food content and photos that our customers can publish). We have… Read More »

Tomato Gardening and Cooking

From Patio Plant to Soup: Tomatoes At Their Best

In All Recipes, Garden, Sandwiches, Soups On September 11, 2014 2 Comments

Growing your own food doesn’t have to be difficult. A fun place to start is with a tomato plant or two. If you’ve ever had a garden-fresh tomato,… Read More »

Artichokes Soaking for Grilling

How to Grill Artichokes and Make Them Easy to Eat

In All Recipes, Vegetables On September 6, 2014 Comment

Artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables, but they’re not one I have often. I do used jarred ones for salads and pastas, but cooking them fresh always… Read More »


The Great Sweet Pea Arugula Wonton Ravioli Race

In Appetizers, Pasta and Noodles On August 29, 2014 Comment

My son and his buddy (both aspiring chefs) were testing out some new recipes at his friend’s house. They were looking for things that could be used as… Read More »


Spinach Artichoke Dip

In Appetizers On August 21, 2014 Comment

Woot woot! Its football season again… well, pre-season anyway. No matter what team you root for, if you’re a football fan like I am, you and your family… Read More »

chocolate fondue

Vegan Fondue Ideas

In Appetizers, Side Dishes On August 12, 2014 Comment

We love fondue and it’s easy to come up with a lot of fondue recipes for the meat eaters in the family. But recently I’ve been experimenting with… Read More »

chef preparing healthy meal

The Free Vegan Meal Planner

In Vegetarian Mains On August 5, 2014 Comment

Menu and meal planning can be difficult on a good day, but if you’re in the process of changing your diet it’s nice to have some help. There… Read More »

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

In Baked Goods On August 1, 2014 Comment

Last week was my mom’s birthday. My daughter asked her how old she was and mom said 32. That is definitely not the case since I’m older than… Read More »