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Except for weekends when there’s time for big breakfasts like pancakes, hashbrowns and bacon…everyone in this family seems to have a difference breakfast preference. There are some cereal lovers, toast lovers and even one child who doesn’t care much for breakfast at all. Well, one of my favorite things to do once all the kids have gone to school, is to gather up a bunch of leftovers, throw in an egg or two and call it brunch.

What you see above is today’s leftover breakfast ideas creation. It’s got a little bit of chopped avocado and tomatoes. Then I topped that with 2 over-easy eggs (my favorite!) and some reheated sauteed onions and refried beans. Yum…yum…yum. I’m still thinking about it.

Of course, sometimes the kids get treated to my leftover breakfast mash ups. In fact, the one below turned out to be a real hit. They had seconds and even reheated the leftovers the next day.

This is actually made with the leftover pork roast and potato dumplings from the day before. I just fried up the dumplings to crisp them up a bit and then distributed them along the bottom of the pan, along with the shredded pork roast. Then I whisked some eggs with a bit of milk and put them on the pan. I covered the pan with a lid and let the omelet cook, adding some shredded cheese a few minutes before it was done.

Leftover dumplings and pork in an omelet

Leftover dumplings and pork in an omelet

You’ll notice there’s no cheese to the right side, to satisfy the child who doesn’t like cheese much. I know, he’s a bit crazy, but I love him.

And now here is this beauty served on a plate….with cheese, of course.

Leftover Breakfast Ideas

Ready to eat

How do you use your leftovers in breakfast?


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