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A little while back, I was asking for juicing tips on my Facebook page and we talked a little bit about using the leftover pulp. It seems so wasteful to throw it all out, so I’ve been collecting ideas since then. I used the first one today and am about to embark on another.

What you see above is some pulp from a fruit juice I made for the kids. Oranges, carrot and kiwi and I popped it all right into the blender to make a smoothie. It definitely added some flavor and nothing was wasted.

I’ve also been saving veggie pulp in the freezer and now that I’m ready to make some soup stock, I’m getting all that goodness in there.

Here is a handy list of ideas, including these two…

What to Do with Leftover Pulp from a Juicer

What do you do with your pulp?

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