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Slash Your Grocery BudgetI just picked up a copy of Slash Your Grocery Budget and Eat a Whole Food Diets with ALDI written by my friend, Carrie Willard. It’s a very eye-opening look at eating healthful and saving money that completely busts the myth that people are forced to eat sub-par processed food to stay within their budgets.

Carrie is a terrific writer and happens to be a mother of 7 kids, so you know she has plenty to share. I’m always entertained when I read anything from her, so not only do you get practical advice, you’ll enjoy getting it.

If you’re not familiar with ALDI, it’s a chain of grocery stores that are in the U.S. (mainly the Eastern half of the country) and in Europe. If you live in these areas, definitely pick up her book. .

The book covers:

  • Why couponing is a waste of time if you’re trying to lead a healthful lifestyle
  • Choosing organics wisely (you may not always need them) and still sticking to your budget
  • Making your way through ALDI stores, what to look for and what to avoid
  • Approaching gluten-free challenges
  • Budget shopping tips, no matter where you shop and tips specifically for ALDI
  • She’s even included 4 weeks of healthy meal plans, each with a shopping list for you

While they’re a lot of great tidbits in this ebook, this quote made me grin ear to ear. Since Carrie focuses on whole foods, she avoids buying pre-packaged, but she mentioned that she buys the stir-fry mixes at ALDI. She says:

These are great for ‘emergency’ food. I like to keep a bag of these in my freezer for the rare event when dinner is a disaster, or some reason I’m having a really exhausting day.

LOL…for some reason, a mother of 7 might have an exhausting day? As you can see, this lady has it together, but she doesn’t portray herself as a super woman. She’s as humble as can be, but takes the time to choose the right things for her family. It’s very inspiring!

How to Get the Book

Grab it for your Kindle device right here.

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